Nova Labs Blinky Board

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The Nova Labs' custom-designed Arduino-compatible Blinky board is a great educational tool to help new makers learn how to program an Arduino! Our board is Leonardo-compatible but has our logo in LED lights right on the board. Jump right in and program these LEDs to glow! No breadboarding required! Nova Blinky is a single-board microcontroller system designed by, and for, The Nova Labs maker space in Reston, Virginia. It is designed to be used in introductory hardware and software classes. It uses an Atmel ATMega 32u4 processor. It looks like an Arduino Leonardo to the Arduino IDE software. Simply connect the USB interface to a PC and set the board type to "Leonardo". In addition to all I/O bring brought out to prototyping headers, it has 12 LEDs arranged as a clock face, and two buttons, allowing students to immediately learn about basic input and output (I/O) programming concepts with no additional hardware. Pick up at the makerspace on Sundays from 1-4 or pay $5 for shipping.