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Member and Event Portal

Class Waitlist App 

1. Current members have priority for all classes so some classes are restricted by code or to member accounts only)

2. Anyone with an unpaid invoice loses that priority

3. You MUST monitor SLACK to receive notice. You will get a message when it is your turn. No emails!

4. You have 24 hours to sign up or the spots are offered to others waiting.

The class waitlist form is used by Shop Events Coordinators, instructors and stewards to gauge interest. Are there enough people waiting to justify adding a new class session? We've learned from failed makerspaces that there must be a balance betwix classes and free time for members to use those tools. This Central Class Waitlist is a tool for balancing these 2 competing needs for you.

It's also a great way to do FIFO which drives fairness and lowers the time to get you signed off and making your makery things!

Note that the waitlist contains member information so is viewable only with an account.

Questions? Ask on #members in Slack (immediate response) or ask at

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