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Latest News:

Woodshop tool status as of 8/22: The planer, jointer, bandsaws, tablesaw, and stationary sander take 220 power and thus are offline. Protocol for dust must be followed, but all other tools are available. The mixed media shop has most basic woodworking power tools for small projects.

8/22: Woodshop classes not yet restarted. Welding offline. Pending shop area permits.

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Come in to use the woodshop, metalshop, mixed media shops, woodturning,  CNC, sheet metal, vinyl cutter, 3d printers, laser cutters, leatherworking, jewelry, stained glass, electronics reflow, sublimation, embroidery machine, sewing, and composites.

Enjoy cosplay, blacksmithing, sword making, jewelry, free stained glass, and many many member benefits.

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