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Want to know more about the classes in catalogue? Use the  Find Events search bar to search for the title of the classes. Click on past classes for more info. Contact us at if you have further questions or contact the instructor if their email address is included on the event description.

Project classes - learn new skills, go deeper, these classes do not give permission to use the tools but advance your skills and go deeper. Though members always get pre-notifications of popular classes with limited seating, Project classes are open to any non-member.

Tool Sign-off classes - These classes give tool sign offs. Unless sign-up is restricted or it is stated in the title, they are open to non-members. However, sign-off (permission to come back and use the tool) is only available to members.

Class Catalogue


AC: Introduction to Sublimation Printing

AC: Intermediate Sewing - Beginner's Pattern Drafting

AC: Machine Embroidery 101: Patches

AC Survival Sewing 101 - Hand Sewing

AC: Survival Sewing 102 -Sewing Machine Basics

AC: Leather Working 101: Learn to make a belt!

AC: Leather Construction 102: Let's make a pouch!

AC: Leather Working 103: Carving and 3D Stamps: Lets make a bookmark!

CC: Intro to CAD - OnShape for 3D printing

CC: Fusion 360 CAD/CAM

CS: Mold Making and Plastics Casting 101

CS: Bubble-Free Casting

CS: Two-Part Mold Making

CS: Knife Sharpening

CS: Resin Pour Serving Board

CS: Celtic Knot Rolling Pin

EL: Introduction to Basic Electronic Circuits - Online

LC: Personalize your Wood Projects using the Laser Cutter

LC: Personalize your Wood Projects using the Laser Cutter

MX: DIY Concrete Countertops

MW: Bicycle Repair and Tuning

MW: Advanced Mill and Project Class

MW: Advanced Welding and Project Class

MW: Advanced Sheetmetal and Project Class

MW: Advanced Lathe and Project Class

WW: How to sharpen lathe turning tools

WW: End Grain Cutting Board



3d: FDM 3d printing

3d: SLA Printer (1930 Annex)

3d: SLA-LCD High-Resolution 3d Printer

AC: Industrial Sewing Machine Sign Off

AC: Embroidery Sign Off

AC: Silhouette Sign off

AC: Vinyl Cutter and Heat Press Sign Off

AV: Audio-Visual Studio Sign off

BL: Blacksmithing Sign off

BL: 2x72" Belt Grinder Sign off

BL: Hydraulic Forging Press Sign off

CC: ShopSabre CNC Router Sign off (Nov. 2021)

CC: Matsurra CNC Metal Mill Sign off (NOTE: this will be for 4 consecutive Saturdays)

EL: Soldering Station 101 - Learn SMD soldering, desoldering, reflow Sign off

IC: 3d Scanner Sign Off (very ACTIVE volunteers only)

LC: Laser Cutter Sign off

LC: Laser Cutter Rotary tool sign off

LC: Thermoformer Sign off

MW: Metalwork Yellow Sign off

MW: Vertical Mill Sign off

MW: Lathe Sign off

MW: MIG Welding Sign Off

MW: TIG Welding Sign off

MW: Sheet Metal Sign off

MW: Hand Plasma Cutter Sign off

MW: Surface Grinder Sign Off

MW: Index and Bridgeport Mill Sign Off (Advanced class)

TS: Stained Glass Sign off

TS: Jewelry Sign off

WW: Bandsaw Sign off

WW: Tablesaw Sign off

WW: Router Sign off

WW: Woodshop Yellow Sign off

WW: Woodshop Lathe Sign off

WW: Planer, Jointer, Thickness Sander Sign off

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