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CS_P: Live Edge Resin River Serving Board (Two Days)

  • 16 Oct 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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Instructor: Steve Fritzinger

Date: Saturday and Sunday Oct 16 & Oct 17 9am - 1pm

Learn to make a Live Edge Resin River Serving Board.
These boards can cost $100 or more in stores or online. Once you know the secrets of how it's done, you will be making them for family and friends at a fraction of that cost

Learn the basic techniques of choosing and preparing your wood, measuring and mixing the right amount of two part resin, color selection, and how to bring the rough board to a shining luster. This is a hands-on class.

You will have the option of using solid colors with a swirl technique or a transparent approach in which you can embed river rocks, coins and glass (glass baubles like the above picture will be provided in a variety of colors). Feel free to bring some objects with you, but they cannot exceed 1/4 inch high for this project.

Your final product will vary in size, based on wood selection and other technical factors. Your final project will be approximately 10x12”.

No prereqs. Cantina Yellow Tool sign-off will be helpful.

Safety and clothing:
Materials used in this class will permanently stain clothing. Dress accordingly.

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