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EL_P: Intro to Arduino Microcontrollers using TinkerCAD (Online)

  • 9 Dec 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Online event




Hands-on learning with simulated real-looking Arduino Microcontroller, Components, and testing equipment. Programming is done using Block Coding similar to Scratch and code can be copied to your own Arduino later to try at home.

1. Students are introduced to the basic functions of the Arduino Microcontroller using TinkerCAD Circuits' amazing electronics simulator. You will learn how to do simple programming of the Arduino Microcomputer and see how it can connect to switches and LEDs in a visually accurate, functional simulator that is designed for easy use. No components to buy, no soldering.

2. Get hands-on practice by building with real-looking components.
With TinkerCAD you can learn to work with the Arduino UNO, a variety of components, breadboards, and test instruments. You will also learn how to use the code on your own Arduino board.

In addition, TinkerCAD Circuits has many other components, sensors and displays (not covered in the basic class) to extend your skills.

* Beginners of all ages that can accommodate a 2-hour class with a lot of detail are welcome.

Additional Activities
Nova Labs has Arduino meetups (3rd Tuesday in the month) and Robotics Meetups (1st and 3rd Saturday in the month) now held virtually, at which you can discuss your projects with other makers. After Nova Labs reopens, there will be Electronics Evenings to discuss projects, and members can use the Electronics bench to make things.

Prerequisites: None.
Familiarity with Lego Robots (EV3/NXT) or Scratch programming will help.

You will need to sign up for a free account at TinkerCAD before class.
• TinkerCAD is a web based simulator, you do not have to download anything. You do have to make an account with login. After you are logged in, the circuits is below the 3D CAD.
• Register for an account: Go to web page
• Log into TinkerCAD; it will help if you have also accessed TinkerCAD Circuits (below the “3D Designs” option) and looked at the interface.

Virtual Classroom Access - Zoom link will be visible to registrants upon sign-up under the 'location' info.

***The instructor has selected that all proceeds for this class will be donated to Nova Labs.

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