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Nova Labs Digital Member Meeting (Online)

  • 9 Dec 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Online event



Join us for an informative and action-filled member meeting. The main discussion will focus on Nova Labs 3.0 updates, timeline, moving schedule, and strategy specifics. A call for volunteers will also be made!

This is a very essential communication forum for all members. Please join us.

- Board updates

- Financial updates

- NL 3.0 Updates

How to find us: Zoom Link

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Members, during this relaxing Thanksgiving weekend, please consider how thankful we are to have this wonderful makespace and consider Donating to the Nova Labs 3.0 Capital Campaign fund so we can increase the funds we have for moving and buildout costs. So much to do, so much is needed. Please consider donating and ask your family and friends to donate also.  Promise them great gifts made here at the lab!

Five ways members can stay updated

  • Join #nova-labs_3 channel This morning, Bradley shared this great picture with the caption "Space cleared for Monday's construction start!"  and Curt said "Love seeing the progress! Great work!"  Find out more of what that was all about over on the NL 3.0 channel, my friends.
  • You (rolls eyes): "really, Jennyfer, you want me to join another channel?" Then come to the Dec 9th Nova Labs Digital Member Meeting (Online),
  • Stay updated on our Blog at
  • Stay updated with what will become increasingly frequent, streamlined #announcements on Slack. If it is important, we'll put it there.
  • If it is really, really, really important, we'll email the information to all participants. We don't want to flood you with minutia so this method so we'll make sure this is high-value stuff.
Note: If you have not gotten NL 3..0 updates in your email in the last 30 days, then consider subscribing again. You need to allow us to reach you or you will be out of the loops. Need help? Contact or call via phone and we'll help you get reconnected.

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