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BL_S: BLacksmithing 101 Safety Sign-off & Forging a Feather Wall Hook

  • 28 May 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Nova Labs (Blacksmithing Shop), 3850 Jermantown Rd, Fairfax VA
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Feathers. Elegant and versatile, humanity has used these products of our avian friends as decoration, padding, writing implements, fans, masks, and insulation.

Feathers have one major drawback: They are not made of steel. But through years of top-secret research, Nova Labs’s blacksmiths have developed techniques for creating iron feathers and in this project sign-off class, we will pass those secrets on to you.


In this class we will be creating decorative steel hooks in the shape of bird feathers that are suitable for mounting on a wall. Students will learn how to use hot-chisels, blacksmithing hammers and soft mallets to shape the metal into an attractive wall-hook.

This class will also serve as a Safety Sign-Off for the blacksmithing equipment, equivalent to the BL: 101 class. Students who have already taken the safety sign-off may miss the first 15 minutes, though the price will remain the same.

SAFETY: All students must wear cotton or wool clothing – no synthetic materials. Shoes must be made from leather or canvas; plastic-topped sneakers will not be allowed. Eye protection (goggles) are required.

EQUIPMENT: It is highly encouraged that students bring a pair of leather work-gloves to assist in the chiseling process. Nova Labs can provide welding gloves if necessary… but they are stiff and kind of stinky; you’d be a lot happier supplying your own, honest! Safety glasses will be provided. The materials and blacksmithing equipment will be provided.

Minors under 14 may not take the class.
Minors 14-15: May take the class, but parents must also be a paid participant learning the skills alongside their child.
Minors 16-17: May take the class, but parents must remain in the lab and available in case needed or in an emergency.

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