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Youth Programs

Nova Labs has several youth programs thoughout the year and summer camps in the summer. To find out about events appropriate for kids at Nova Labs, check out the youth calendar view.

Youth Robotics Enrollment - pay for your robotics team enrollement. See your coach for more information, parental forms, and meeting times

Nova Labs Makerschool - longer classes that focus on maker skills

Nova Labs Internship program - age 16 to college age

Steam4Kids - periodic events and classes for kids featuring hands on activities (infrequent)

The Pinewood Derby season is in full swing!  If you know of a group of scouts looking for a workshop, we have been a local derby destination for a number of years.  We can accommodate groups of 10 children (accompanied by one adult each) in sessions of 1 hour.  Nova Labs charges $15 per child.  All sessions start with a safety briefing. Patrick Waters is our in-house expert for this activity.  He is an experienced tech ed teacher and the steward of the Mixed Media shop, an area well equipped with tools but also kid friendly. In addition, we'll be happy to schedule and facilitate sessions led by other NL members. Please contact for details.

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